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Until that time; before that.


(Law) formal before that time; previous to that


(ˌðɛər təˈfɔr, -ˈfoʊr)

before or until that time.
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Adv.1.theretofore - up to that time; "they had not done any work theretofore"
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At length the great and long-expected day -- May 15, 1673 -- arrived; and all Haarlem, swelled by her neighbours, was gathered in the beautiful tree-lined streets, determined on this occasion not to waste its applause upon military heroes, or those who had won notable victories in the field of science, but to reserve their applause for those who had overcome Nature, and had forced the inexhaustible mother to be delivered of what had theretofore been regarded as impossible, -- a completely black tulip.
Others remained but to refresh themselves, and then went home desponding; others who had theretofore been regular in their attendance, avoided the place altogether.
In a small mountain resort (Recoaro) near Vicenza, where I spent the spring of 1881, I and my friend and Maestro, Peter Gast--also one who had been born again--discovered that the phoenix music that hovered over us, wore lighter and brighter plumes than it had done theretofore.
They made a great many other wise and humane regulations, having reference to the ladies, which it is not necessary to repeat; kindly undertook to divorce poor married people, in consequence of the great expense of a suit in Doctors' Commons; and, instead of compelling a man to support his family, as they had theretofore done, took his family away from him, and made him a bachelor
Psychiatrists such as Lombroso (2009), Prinzhorn (1922/2012), and Morgenthaler (1921/1985) began to identify theretofore unrecognized talent among their most disturbed patients.
Six decades later, in the midst and aftermath of the nightmare of the Nixon Presidency, Congress enacted a series of laws designed to bring sunlight into the theretofore dark corridors of the executive branch.
His death was a defining moment for many theretofore quiet Filipinos, turning them into committed fighters for the return of democracy to the Philippines.
They bring together ideas that are already fermenting but that have not theretofore been viewed collectively, or whose relation to each other has gone unnoticed.
Elsewhere, he called autism "a behavior pattern not known to me or anyone else theretofore.
In his 1979 essay "Pictures," Douglas Crimp described how art's theatrical operations, theretofore manifested in the spatial environment, became "quite unexpectedly, reinvested into the pictorial image.
The development of Yiddish printing transformed the intellectual culture of Ashkenazic Jews by providing a broad range of genres to a populace in its native tongue, making available a knowledge corpus theretofore closed to Hebrew-illiterates.
Auster pointed out that the United States was experiencing a dramatic series of theretofore unheard of developments, which included "a 25-foot-high statue of the Aztec god of human sacrifice .