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 (thâr′wĭth-ôl′, -wĭth-)
With all that, this, or it; besides.
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(ˌðɛər wɪðˈɔl, -wɪθ-, ˈθɛər wɪðˌɔl, -wɪθ-)

1. together with that; in addition to that.
2. following upon that.
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Adv.1.therewithal - together with all that; besides; "thy slanders I forgive; and therewithal remit thy other forfeits"- Shakespeare
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Seeing him grow weary a third traitor, the King's greatest enemy, Robert Grahame, leaped down too into the vault, "with a horrible and mortal weapon in his hand, and therewithal he smote him through the body, and therewithal the good King fell down."*
And right so he smote his father Arthur with his sword holden in both his hands, on the side of the head, that the sword pierced the helmet and the brain-pan, and therewithal Sir Mordred fell stark dead to the earth.
``Holy Clerk,'' said the stranger, after the first cup was thus swallowed, ``I cannot but marvel that a man possessed of such thews and sinews as thine, and who therewithal shows the talent of so goodly a trencher-man, should think of abiding by himself in this wilderness.
The dietary changes between regions may reduce trace elements and vitamin D uptake and that may result in decreased intake of antioxidant micronutrient, therewithal increase oxidant damage and deterioration of the immune system (5).
This piteous prayer scarce said, her sinews waxed stark, And therewithal about her breast did grow a tender bark.
Therewithal, a third incident completely strained the relationship in May 2005 when a group of armed gunmen stormed a jail in the Uzbek city of Andijan, located in the restive Fergana region.
Therewithal, Korkmaz et al.20 demonstrated that 1g IV pre-emptively paracetamol in addition to morphine PCA provided effective equivalent analgesia to 1g of metamizole after lumbar disc surgery.
Generally speaking, the two basic features that characterise the passions are their tight connection to unmanageable internal processes that distress the human mind, and their direct effects on both the body and reason: 'These passions then be certain internal acts or operations of the soul, bordering upon reason and sense, prosecuting some good thing or flying some ill thing, causing therewithal some alteration in the body.' (12) Peacham echoes this theory in The Garden, for example, in the definition of periphrasis, where a passion like anger is described as 'a vehement heat of the mind, which bringeth palenesse to the countenance, burning to the eyes, and trembling to the parts of the bodie' (X2v).
opened the goodly lids of chests, wherefrom he took twelve beauteous robes and twelve cloaks of single fold, and as many coverlets, and as many white mantles, and therewithal as many tunics (Iliad 24.229-230).
Once at Jerusalem, where the pilgrims kneeled, I strowed powder on the marble stones, And therewithal their knees would rankle so, That I have laughed a-good to see the cripples Go limping home to Christendom on stilts.
Therewithal, quick diagnosis of faults will decrease the percentage of downtime suffered by hub motors with quick shift to mending or problem solving stages.