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(Medicine) an ointment or potion of varying composition, used as an antidote to a poison
[C14: from Latin thēriaca antidote to poison]
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(ˈθɪər iˌæk)

also the•ri•a•ca

(θəˈraɪ ə kə)

treacle; molasses.
[before 1000; Middle English tiriake antidote, Old English tȳriaca < Medieval Latin (Latin thēriaca); see treacle]
the•ri′a•cal, adj.
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theriac, theriaca

a compound of sixty-four drugs made into an electuary by pulverization and the addition of honey, formerly used as an antidote for poison. Also called Venice treacle. — theriac, theriacal, therial, adj.
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a compound of sixty-four drugs made into an electuary, formerly used as an antidote for poison. Also called Venice Treacle. — theriac, theriacal, therial, adj.
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For more information about the show contact: Andy Theriac, 217-534-2414; Arlen Kasten, 217-341-8690; Judy Probst, 217-538-2054; Jim Langheim, 217-710-1514.
One of the well known drugs that contained snakes, called theriac, was an anti-toxic vaccine for treating the bites of poisonous animals, other poisoning, and an array of other sicknesses.
Theriac Treats Everything Mithridates, also known as the Mithradates of Pontus the 6th, tried to resist toxins by gradually increasing doses because in the past, oftentimes kings were targets of poisoning schemes.
Gerard recognised its worm-expelling qualities and was responsible for making a vermicidal syrup known as 'Theriac'.
Craig Theriac: The common things we hear about are low budgets, a small staff and increased responsibility, including with security and privacy.
What we can say for certain is that by 1722, each chest was standardized to include seven different drugs, packaged in single-dose units in various quantities for a total of 353 prises per chest, along with seven perishable substances (vials of cordials, two ounces of theriac, etc.).
May 5, 2016: Jennifer Brooks, Scott Dixon, Liam Downs-Tepper, Patrick Eickman, William Theriac, Amber Woodward.
On Theriac to Piso, Attributed to Galen: A Critical Edition With Translation and Commentary
Yet this advice is no theriac to criminal liability, only a warning of dangers ahead.
Galen eulogizes it as the "rustic's theriac" or cure-all.