thermal spring

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Noun1.thermal spring - a natural spring of water at a temperature of 70 F or abovethermal spring - a natural spring of water at a temperature of 70 F or above
natural spring, outpouring, fountain, spring, outflow - a natural flow of ground water
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Buy it: PS7.99 for 1.36kg from Boots and at KNEIPP BATH CRYSTALS COLD SEASON THIS thermal spring salt is enhanced with eucalyptus to warm the body when fighting sniffles.
Tanzis personal favorites are Avenes Thermal Spring Water and La Roche-Posays Thermal Spring Water.
Each room has a bathtub Jacuzzi and shower directly connected to natural thermal spring water sourced from 2,200 metres deep.
So there we were, four of us in Kiraly, one of the earliest Budapest baths, which was built on a thermal spring in the second half of the 16th Century.
The product features Avene thermal spring water to help calm skin irritation, along with ruscus extract to help improve the appearance of small blood vessels.
-Var of water buffaloes entering the thermal spring waters
Avene Soothing Moisture Mask, PS9.75, Rich in Avene's thermal spring water, the mask is perfect for sensitive or aggravated skin.
5 Eau Thermale Avene Trixera+ Selectiose Emollient Cream This has a fragrance-free, paraben-free formula that nourishes and soothes even the driest of skins, with Selectiose, which is a natural skin anti-irritant, and soothing thermal spring water.
Turkey, which is among the top seven countries in the world on the list of geothermal resources, is set to make its thermal spring and hamam culture a "brand" by 2023, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic.
A 5,000-YEAR-OLD thermal spring renowned for its healing powers is being opened to the public for the first time.
That's because these treatments are primarily based on hydrotherapy- one that uses thermal spring water, which is considered to have an astonishing curative impact on skin diseases and irregularities.