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1. Of, relating to, using, producing, or caused by heat.
2. Intended or designed in such a way as to help retain body heat: thermal underwear.
A rising current of warm air.

ther′mal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.thermally - by means of heat or with respect to thermal properties
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OEMs in industries such as electrical/electronics, automotive, lighting, medical devices, and industrial machinery have been hot for thermally conductive thermoplastics for several years now, as they seek new solutions for applications that include heat sinks and other heat-removal devices, LED enclosures, and electric battery housings.
Then, for 16 weeks, the first group of mice was given unheated fresh soybean oil, while a second group was given thermally abused (or reheated) soybean oil for the same duration.
Non-thermally treated poultry is banned but thermally treated poultry is cleared for import from Mexico.
ISLAMABAD -- Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign tested "thermally abused frying oil," which is cooking oil that has undergone reheating to high temperatures multiple times, in laboratory mice and found that it increased metastatic breast cancer growth.
The daily consumption of kitchen gas burners in Punjab and the Khyber-Pukhtunkhaw could be reduced to half with thermally efficient gas burners.
The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, in an announcement on Twitter, said the ministry was banning import of all kinds of live domestic and wild birds, ornamental birds, chicks, hatching eggs, and thermally not-treated products from Bulgaria.
The SPECTRIX D80 is a state-of-the-art device that operates with a combination of a liquid heatsink, an aluminum heatsink and thermally conductive materials on the PCB.
Assembly and test process tooling and flow should be designed to minimize mechanical and thermally induced stress on these PCBAs.
Dow Corning TC-2022 Thermally Conductive Adhesive saves energy by curing quickly at lower temperatures, which reduces the amount of time automotive electronics must spend in ovens.
The facility, which manufactures Thermally Fused Melamine Panels, will become a part of Wilsonart's Coordinated Surfaces program in North America.
However, the decision exempted the same items, provided being thermally processed, or by any method that would kill the Bird Flu virus, and also provided being conformed to the world recognized health conditions, safeguards and standards, attached with a health certificate to prove that the product was thermally treated to destroy the virus and to be issued by an official department, in Bhutan.