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(ˈθɜr məl)

1. Also, thermic. of, pertaining to, or caused by heat or temperature: thermal energy.
2. of, pertaining to, or of the nature of hot or warm springs: thermal waters.
3. designed to aid in or promote the retention of body heat: a thermal blanket; thermal underwear.
4. a rising air current caused by heating from the underlying surface.
5. thermals, clothing, esp. underwear, designed to help retain body heat.
ther′mal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.thermic - relating to or associated with heat; "thermal movements of molecules"; "thermal capacity"; "thermic energy"; "the caloric effect of sunlight"
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[ˈθɜːmɪk] ADJtérmico
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, thermic
a. termal, térmico-a, rel. al calor o producido por éste.
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The true calorie count of a food may very well be different than what's labeled due to its "thermic effect" (i.e.
| Weight loss support: Tea has a modest thermic effect, helping us to burn a few extra calories.
The extension of damage caused by cold incidence depends on several factors, such as the duration and intensity of thermic stress, crop management, cultivar, and plant development stage (Cruz & Milach, 2000).
SINCE thermic fluid heaters have found wide application for indirect process heating.
In Istanbul, Savio will display the new Eco PulsarS automatic winder, the new Volufil machine, combining winding and thermic treatment, and the drumless Multicone technology.
It was presented by Veolia as being a technical advance in the field of creating thermic energy from natural resources.
Soria, for his part, underlined the Spanish government's full support for the operation of his country's companies in Iran, and said, "We are ready to have expanding cooperation with Iran in the fields of new and classic energies, photovoltaic, solar, hydraulic, thermic as well as different water and desalination systems."
Valley Cottage, NY, June 25, 2015 --( The generic term for heat transfer liquids are known as thermic fluid.
Enhanced thermic effect of food, postprandial NEFA suppression and raised adiponectin in obese women who eat slowly.
She was wet and mildly hypo thermic, but otherwise OK, Carver said.