thermionic vacuum tube

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Noun1.thermionic vacuum tube - electronic device consisting of a system of electrodes arranged in an evacuated glass or metal envelopethermionic vacuum tube - electronic device consisting of a system of electrodes arranged in an evacuated glass or metal envelope
acorn tube - a small vacuum tube; used at high frequencies
anode - a positively charged electrode by which electrons leave an electrical device
cathode - a negatively charged electrode that is the source of electrons entering an electrical device
circuit, electric circuit, electrical circuit - an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow
diode, rectifying tube, rectifying valve - a thermionic tube having two electrodes; used as a rectifier
electrode - a conductor used to make electrical contact with some part of a circuit
electronic device - a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically
electron multiplier - a vacuum tube that amplifies a flow of electrons
gas-discharge tube - a tube in which an electric discharge takes place through a gas
control grid, grid - an electrode placed between the cathode and anode of a vacuum tube to control the flow of electrons through the tube
klystron - an electron tube used to generate or amplify electromagnetic radiation in the microwave region by velocity modulation
magnetron - a diode vacuum tube in which the flow of electrons from a central cathode to a cylindrical anode is controlled by crossed magnetic and electric fields; used mainly in microwave oscillators
pentode - a thermionic tube having five electrodes
plate - the positively charged electrode in a vacuum tube
television pickup tube, television-camera tube - a tube that rapidly scans an optical image and converts it into electronic signals
tetrode - a thermionic tube having four electrodes
triode - a thermionic vacuum tube having three electrodes; fluctuations of the charge on the grid control the flow from cathode to anode which makes amplification possible
X-ray tube - a vacuum tube containing a metal target onto which a beam of electrons is directed at high energy for the generation of X rays
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