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A welding and incendiary mixture of fine aluminum powder with a metallic oxide, usually iron, that when ignited yields an intense heat.

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(ˈθɜr maɪt)

a mixture of aluminum and ferric oxide that burns at very high temperatures: used in welding, incendiaries, etc.
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In the case of thermite plugs for well abandonment, for example, nine companies collaborated effectively to fast-track development.
Shot in the side, he barely made it up the cliff, but later destroyed two big German guns with thermite grenades.
Here he limits his account to reactive-foil bonding, but notes that it is partly rooted in the use of powders as in the classic "rust plus aluminum fillings" thermite technique.
Since the Nox toxic gas slows down foes and prevents sprinting while in it, Caustic players can follow it up with other grenades like Arc Stars, Frag Grenades and Thermite Grenades to make the gas cloud more lethal that its dismal 2-10 damage per second stayed within the gas.
(6) He also relied increasingly on incendiary bombs that would use thermite, which was almost impossible to extinguish.
The 51-year-old filmed him-self igniting thermite - a metal oxide, metal powder mix used in welding - on his patio.
Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) scientists have developed less polluting firecrackers named as safe water releaser (SWAS), safe minimal aluminum (SAFAL) and safe thermite cracker (STAR) which are not only environment-friendly but 15-20 percent cheaper than the conventional ones.
Wink said Beckwitt was teaching his audience how to make thermite bombs to destroy computer data "in order to get away with hacking."
During both missions, Fujita dropped 170-pound thermite incendiary bombs with the intention of creating forest fires.
For example, in Bogota, I learned about the New Zealand-developed thermite technology the Halo Trust is using for humanitarian de-mining, so that Colombians can get back to their lands, get back to their lives and restart their businesses.
Niels Harrit, chemist, former Professor at University of Copenhagen, He presents evidence that the dust of the buildings contained the explosive nano thermite (Denmark)