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Adj.1.thermodynamical - of or concerned with thermodynamics; "the thermodynamic limit"
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The paper is an interval dynamics counterpart of three theories founded earlier by the authors in the setting of the iteration of rational maps on the Riemann sphere: the equivalence of several notions of non-uniform hyperbolicity, geometric pressure, and nice inducing schemes methods leading to results in thermodynamical formalism.
Mahmud, Thermodynamical and isothermal modeling of methylene blue dye batch biosorption on formalin modified madhuca longifolia leaf powder, J.
The difference is only that in the present there are more traces of the past than of the future and the reason of this is only thermodynamical, namely statistical.
Those zones are relatively small and located only at lamellae limits and could indicate that lamellar morphology does not totally correspond with the thermodynamical equilibrium one.
Hill, "The oxygen-dissociation curve of blood, and its thermodynamical basis," Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, vol.
Verlet, "Computer "experiments" on classical fluids I: thermodynamical properties of Lennard-Jones molecules," Physical Review, vol.
The thermodynamical analysis was widely performed in modified theories of gravity [94-97].
Thermodynamical Properties of Lennard-Jones Molecules", Physical Review 159: 98-103, 1967.
Let us again go half a century back when radioastronomers Penzias and Wilson (1965a, 1965b) discovered the 3 K cosmic microwave background (CMB), which specified the thermodynamical state of the expanding universe.

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