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1. Characteristic of or resulting from the conversion of heat into other forms of energy.
2. Of or relating to thermodynamics.

ther′mo·dy·nam′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.thermodynamically - with respect to thermodynamics; "this phenomenon is thermodynamically impossible"
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The emulsions are thermodynamically stable and do not separate over time.
It is less reactive as it is a highly oxidized and thermodynamically stable compound, so high amount of energy along with highly active metal catalyst is needed to make it react.
3[degrees]) of PA6 are consistent with previously reports [22, 25, 26], Generally, the [alpha] crystalline phase is thermodynamically stable for PA6 and consists of sheets of hydrogen-bonded chains formed between antiparallel chains, while the [gamma] crystalline phase is meta-stable and consists of random hydrogen bonding between parallel chains [25-27].
The Cr2O3 has a very high e ting te perature (2435 C), therefore, it is thermodynamically stable at elevated temperatures for boiler applications.
DiPippo states, "The advantages of a thermodynamically equivalent Total Flow Generator will lie in its simplicity, lower capital cost, ease and rapidity of installation, reliable operation, lower cost of electricity, and ability to operate on lower-temperature reservoirs, compared to either flash-steam or binary systems.
Using their method, based on computer modeling, the researchers screened hundreds of thousands of potential candidates and found less than 250 to be thermodynamically stable, of which only 20 exhibited magnetism.
Most importantly, our study has identified six candidate pseudogenes that can potentially be translated into thermodynamically stable proteins/enzymes, and these proteins can play some important functions for the microorganism.
The aim of 2O2ACTIVATION is to develop novel technologies utilizing O2 as sole terminal oxidant in order to allow useful, extremely sustainable, thermodynamically challenging, dehydrogenative C-N and C-O bond forming coupling reactions.
Caption: Directed ortho metalation can been carried out on aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds in conjunction with halogen dance reactions, which provide the ability to migrate elements such as iodine to a thermodynamically stable anion.
The formation of aragonite from CaO under ambient condition is unusual because it is thermodynamically less stable compared to calcite.
Thermodynamically, the glass transition is a second-order transition in which there is no discontinuity in the Gibbs free energy and its first partial derivatives such as the entropy, volume, or enthalpy at the glass transition temperature ([T.
That is possible because, both during and after combustion, the formation of alkali aluminosilicates is thermodynamically favored over the formation of alkali chlorides, sulfates, vanadates and other salts.