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A record made by a thermograph.


1. (Medicine) med a picture produced by thermography, using photographic film sensitive to infrared radiation
2. (Medicine) the record produced by a thermograph


(ˈθɜr məˌgræm)

1. a graphic or visual record produced by thermography.
2. a record produced by a thermograph.
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Noun1.thermogram - a graphical record produced by a thermograph
graph, graphical record - a visual representation of the relations between certain quantities plotted with reference to a set of axes
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less than 50% of breast cancers detected by mammography screening have an abnormal thermogram.
DSC thermogram shows that the crystallization temperature (Tc) of neat Nyl 6,6 is about 233 AdegC.
About 5 mg of particles were placed in a crucible pan, sealed and observed for a thermogram. The thermogram was recorded at temperatures of 50 to 250[degrees]C with a heating rate 10[degrees]C/min.
Nan's thermogram came back, they showed "hot spots" in both of her breasts!
The onset temperature of the cyclization of PAN, glass transition temperature ([T.sug.g]) of PAN, conversion of the remaining Ti[(OH).sub.4] to Ti[O.sub.2], and crystallization of Ti[O.sub.2] could be easily determined from the DSC thermogram.
Many techniques have been proposed to determine the thermal diffusivity of a specimen comparing the experimental thermogram with a theoretical thermogram from a model [10-18].
In one conspicuous example, a crimp on a VFD (variable frequency drive) was simply reported as 'hot' following an IR thermogram. However, had the user of the IR camera taken the time to measure the temperature each day against a pre-defined baseline, he or she would have seen that it was increasing.
It should be understood that the crosslink density values obtained with this method are estimates since the underlying theory contains assumptions that may not be completely valid, and the E' data in this region of the thermogram tend to be somewhat noisy.
Thermogram of ammonium nitrate decomposition in an open system and the results of analysis of the gaseous products thermolysis are shown at Fig.
[DELTA]Hr = the heat of reaction obtained as the area of the DSC thermogram.
Where the information about a scene is better than the information provided by a single thermogram (e.g.