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Adj.1.thermogravimetric - of or relating to thermal hydrometry
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The DTG-60 is said to enable easy, accurate, simultaneous Thermogravimetric (TG) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) measurements.
External experiment options add capabilities for IR microscopy and imaging, FT-Raman, GC-IR, polarization modulation, thermogravimetric analysis, and many other techniques and analyses.
This manufacturer of thermal analysis and surface science instruments offers a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA), the VersaTherm.
In our Update section of page 30 we present a range of Thermal Analysis equipment, including thermomechanical analyzers, thermogravimetric analyzers, high pressure differential scanning calorimeters, a simultaneous thermal analyzer, and a quadrupole mass spectrometer designed to couple directly to thermogravimetric analyzers for the analysis of evolved gases.
Test and measurement products described include optical emission spectrometers, thermal analysis systems, automated simultaneous differential and thermogravimetric analyzers, particle size analyzers, universal testing instruments, capillary flow testers and micro hardness testers.
The line includes DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter), TGA (Thermogravimetric Analyzer), STA (Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer) and DTA (Differential Thermal Analyzer) with temperature ranges from -150 to 1500 C.
Using a newly designed, top-loading and vacuum-tight thermogravimetric analyzer (figure 1), the sample temperature is directly measured at the crucible, i.e., where the sample is located, employing a thermocouple from Platinel, a PdPtAu/AuPd alloy.
The TherMax family of thermogravimetric analyzers offers a wide variety of features that facilitate real-world sampling in research, processing and quality control applications.