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 (thûr′mō-lā′bĭl, -bīl′)
Subject to destruction, decomposition, or inactivation by heating, as an enzyme or toxin.

ther′mo·la·bil′i·ty (-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
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(Chemistry) (of certain biochemical and chemical compounds) easily decomposed or subject to a loss of characteristic properties by the action of heat: a thermolabile enzyme. Compare thermostable1
[C20: from thermo- + labile]
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(ˌθɜr moʊˈleɪ bɪl, -baɪl)

subject to destruction or loss of characteristic properties by the action of moderate heat, as certain toxins and enzymes (opposed to thermostable).
ther`mo•la•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.thermolabile - (chemistry, physics, biology) readily changed or destroyed by heat
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
reactive - participating readily in reactions; "sodium is a reactive metal"; "free radicals are very reactive"
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The gene encoding human MTHFR is known to have two important functional polymorphisms, C677T/A222V/rs1801133 and A1298C/Glu429Ala/rs1801131, which generate a thermolabile form of MTHFR that subsequently increases total plasma Hcy and decreases serum folate levels (Goyette et al., 1994).
To ensure the efficacy of thermolabile drugs, it is the responsibility of manufacturers to indicate the temperature range at which to preserve these drugs in the patient information leaflets (PILs) (1).
In 2015 the South African Pharmacy Act was amended to require that anyone storing, distributing or administering thermolabile pharmaceutical products must use appropriate storage facilities, electronic temperature monitoring instruments and conduct regular checks, including annual temperature mapping of storage areas and calibration of temperature sampling equipment.
The packaged product is submerged in water and subjected to as much as 87,000 psi of cold water pressure for a few minutes to kill pathogens and spoilage micro-organisms without destroying thermolabile substances or the package.
The thermolabile variant of MTHFR is associated with depression in the British Women's Heart and Health Study and a meta-analysis.
In this research, extraction was performed using maceration method in an attempt to prevent loss of thermolabile compounds contained in dayak onion that usually being lost due to high temperatures during the process of extraction.
santolla are thermolabile due to their limited structural stability (Gerday et al., 2000; Rojo et al., 2013), which is related to the weak hydrophobic interactions at the inner protein structure (Oh et al., 2000).
The lyophilization system can be used to stabilize thermolabile [subject to alteration or destruction by heat] and delicate active ingredients such as oncological medications, vaccines or antibodies.
The C677T single nucleotide polymorphism known as a thermolabile variant (Frosst et al., 1995) consisting of a cytosine to thymidine substitution at nucleotide position 677, causes the subs titution of alanine for valine in the MTHFR enzyme, thus reducing enzyme activity (Bennouar et al., 2007) and increasing drug toxicity of methotrexate, metformin (Shaheen et al., 2006) and statins (Leon-Cachon et al., 2016).
These extraction approaches can be applied solely for compounds with the ability to tolerate the boiling temperature of the applied solvent, but cannot be used for thermolabile compounds since a long time of heating may cause degradation of compound [6].
To ensure that these cannot serve as template in a subsequent reaction, the (thermolabile) enzyme UNG can be added to all reactions, and a first step of the PCR thermocycle can be a brief incubation at around 37[degrees]C.