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(General Physics) of or concerned with the relationship between heat and magnetism, esp the change in temperature of a body when it is magnetized or demagnetized. Former term: pyromagnetic


(ˌθɜr moʊ mægˈnɛt ɪk)

1. of or pertaining to the effect of heat on the magnetic properties of a substance.
2. of or pertaining to the effect of a magnetic field on a conductor of heat.
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In magnetic hologram recording, a medium (a garnet based film) is magnetised in one direction; then the medium is irradiated with laser light an information-bearing beam (signal beam) and a reference beam; the resulting interference pattern is recorded in the form of the difference in magnetisation directions as a result of thermomagnetic recording.
Tenders are invited for Supply of automatic circuit breakers: Supply of automatic circuit breakers VA-400A 36kA DPX630 thermomagnetic release (Irm = 0.
Although we obtained enough quantity to measure hysteresis cycles and thermomagnetic curves, we had to mix the remaining microspherules with a matrix material to make a compacted cylindrical sample and to subject it to the IRM thermal demagnetization experiment.
Over 150 papers discuss such topics as microstructure evolution upon thermomagnetic treatment of soft magnetic alloys, structural aspects of stabilizing magnetic fluids by mono-carboxyl acids, microwave properties of sandwich structures based on iron and barium nanoparticles, magneto-optical effects in excitonic one-dimensional structures, and temperature hysteresis in the dynamic spin-fluctuation theory for strong ferromagnets.
Thermomagnetic Processing Technology (TMP) can reduce these costs through the use of superconducting magnets, which add a new dimension to the phase equilibria for a given material and introduce a continuum of continuous cooling transformation curves.
The thermomagnetic curves were measured in a field of 450 mT and magnetic hysteresis was measured in a maximum field of 1 T at the University of Liverpool, UK.
Two distinct means of thermomagnetic recording of a magnetization pattern along a track on the moving medium are found in MO drives, one using laser intensity (power) modulation (LIM), the other using magnetic field modulation (MFM) (see Figure 4 "Two means--LIM and MFM-- of thermomagnetic recording of a magnetization pattern along a track on the moving medium.
Other forms of WAHPs include various engine-driven vapor compression, thermoelectric, Brayton, Stirling cycle, and thermomagnetic heat pumps in which the temperature lifting is done by mechanical-shaft work or electric energy.
We utilized a number of analytical methods in an attempt to elucidate the chemical origin for production of the black color arising from a red clay, which is fired under reducing conditions, including chemical analysis of carbon and manganese, thermomagnetic analysis, x-ray diffraction, and low-temperature/low-pressure oxygen and hydrogen plasma reactions.
HH-pole circuit breaker molded case, 100 A with thermomagnetic, cat.