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1. Measurement of temperature.
2. The technology of temperature measurement.

ther′mo·met′ric (thûr′mō-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.thermometric - of or relating to thermometry; "helium gas was the thermometric fluid"
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With respect to the technology, the market caters to electromechanical, biochemical, electrical, thermometric, and others.
Parameters and measurement techniques Parameter Units Method Temperature [degrees]C Thermometric pH - 4500-H / PH / [16] CODs mgL-1 5220 / COD/[16] DBO5 mgL-1 5210 / BOD5 / [16] SSV mgL-1 [17] N mgL-1 5220 / NT/ [16] N-NH4+ mgL-1 4500-N / N-NH4 / [16,18] P mgL-1 4500-P /phosphorous / [16,18] SST mgL-1 [17]
A four-channel commercial microcalorimetric system, Thermal Activity Monitor 2277, Thermometric, Sweden, was used to perform isothermal titration microcalorimetric experiments.
Thermometric requirements vary with the treatment modality and clinical situation.
Linear working Detection Sensitivity range (mM) limit (M) (A [M.sup.-1] Reference [cm.sup.-2]) 0.0035-2 3.5 [10.sup.6] 0.10 6 Up to 14 1 x [10.sup.4] 0.01 26 0.05 and 50 5.0 x [10.sup.5] 1.92 19 (a) 0.10 and 40 1.0 x [10.sup.4] 2.15 19 (b) Up to 1.22 2.6 x [10.sup.6] 2.43 38 0.001-0.150 0.5 x [10.sup.6] 0.48 55 0.198-2.301 1.4 x [10.sup.5] 1.08 This study (a) Thermometric sensor.
The thermal characterization of the synthetic antioxidants was performed on Thermometric Analyser Perkin-Elmer equipment, TGA 4000 Model, which makes the TG (Thermogravimetry) and DTG (derivative thermogravimetry).
The city of Seville is considered a locality with characteristics of warm-temperate climate thanks to its geographical location, latitude, and its surroundings, with an average annual temperature of 19.2[degrees]C and moderate thermometric temperature oscillations in cold and warm periods.
Haider, "Novel method for determination of sodium in foods by thermometric endpoint titrimetry (TET)," Journal of Agricultural Chemistry & Environment, vol.
The hydration heat of cementitious paste was analysed by isothermal conduction calorimetry with an 8-channel isothermal calorimeter (Thermometric TAM Air).
The change in chamber pressure has been registered according to the thermometric lamp indications.