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Any of various organisms, such as certain bacteria, requiring temperatures between 45°C and 80°C to thrive.

ther′mo·phil′ic (-fĭl′ĭk) adj.
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(ˌθɜr məˈfɪl ɪk)

growing best in a warm environment, as many bacteria.
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Both thermotolerant and thermophilic groups of bacteria were found to secrete metabolites (bacteriocins and enzymes).
For instance, [5] reported the involvement of a number of mesophilic fungi and three thermophilic ones in the deterioration of oil palm fruits and palm oil.
microsporus is a thermophilic zygomycete and is found in soil, air and decaying organic matter.
[beta]-glucoside production by thermophilic bacteria indigenous the bolivian altiplano culture Introduccion
Thermophilic species of Campylobacter grow well at about 42 C, but all strains of the genus grow well at about 37 C.
Other members of the team test for the presence of thermophilic bacteria, which have been found surviving in water as hot as 175 degrees Fahrenheit and may be one of the earliest life forms on Earth--or any planet.
Therefore, there is ongoing interest in the isolation of thermophilic Bacillus strains with higher [alpha]-amylase activity and stability.
Thermophilic bacteria thrive at hotter temperatures ranging from 113 to 160 degrees.
Most beneficial microbes that survive pasteurization and grow during Phase 11 composting are thermophilic; in other words, they are heat-loving microbes growing at temperatures roughly between 115[degrees] and 145[degrees]F (46-63[degrees]C).
The Vertal process is an advanced Auto-thermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) technology--in effect a super-charged compost heap.