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Any of various organisms, such as certain bacteria, requiring temperatures between 45°C and 80°C to thrive.

ther′mo·phil′ic (-fĭl′ĭk) adj.
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(ˌθɜr məˈfɪl ɪk)

growing best in a warm environment, as many bacteria.
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Quantification of trehalose in biological samples with a conidial trehalase from the thermophylic fungus Hudicola grisea var.
Our initial results demonstrated the advantage of pre-colonizing a milled substrate with Scytalidium thermophilum (St), a thermophylic fungus readily found in phase II compost, for only 3-4 days before spawning with A.
The coastal zone of the Black Sea is widely covered by evergreen thermophylic trees, relicts of a previously widely distributed Mediterranean sclerophyll vegetation (Pseudo macchia).