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Becoming soft when heated and hard when cooled.
A thermoplastic resin, such as polystyrene or polyethylene.

ther′mo·plas·tic′i·ty (-plă-stĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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(Chemistry) (of a material, esp a synthetic plastic or resin) becoming soft when heated and rehardening on cooling without appreciable change of properties. Compare thermosetting
(Chemistry) a synthetic plastic or resin, such as polystyrene, with these properties
thermoplasticity n
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(ˌθɜr məˈplæs tɪk)

1. soft and pliable when heated, as some plastics, without any change of the inherent properties.
2. a plastic of this type.
ther`mo•plas•tic′i•ty (-plæˈstɪs ɪ ti) n.
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Describes a substance which becomes flexible when heated and hardens on cooling with no change in its properties.
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Noun1.thermoplastic - a material that softens when heated and hardens again when cooled
plastic - generic name for certain synthetic or semisynthetic materials that can be molded or extruded into objects or films or filaments or used for making e.g. coatings and adhesives
saran - any of various thermoplastic resins used to make things
celluloid - highly flammable substance made from cellulose nitrate and camphor; used in e.g. motion-picture and X-ray film; its use has decreased with the development of nonflammable thermoplastics
Adj.1.thermoplastic - having the property of softening or fusing when heated and of hardening and becoming rigid again when cooled; "thermoplastic materials can be remelted and cooled time after time without undergoing any appreciable chemical change"
thermoset, thermosetting - having the property of becoming permanently hard and rigid when heated or cured; "the phenol resins and plastics were the original synthetic thermosetting materials"
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[ˌθɜːməʊˈplæstɪk] Ntermoplástico m
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[ˌθɜːməʊˈplæstɪk] adjtermoplastico/a
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