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 (thûr′mō-stā′bəl) also ther·mo·sta·bile (-bəl, -bīl′)
Maintaining structural and functional properties when heated, as an enzyme or toxin.

ther′mo·sta·bil′i·ty (-stə-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
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1. (Biochemistry) (of certain chemical and biochemical compounds) capable of withstanding moderate heat without loss of characteristic properties: a thermostable plastic. Compare thermolabile
2. (General Physics) not affected by high temperatures
thermostability n
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(ˌθɜr moʊˈsteɪ bəl)

capable of being subjected to a moderate degree of heat without loss of characteristic properties (opposed to thermolabile).
ther`mo•sta•bil′i•ty, n.
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Regarding the thermostability studies, the CELTN was incubated at 90AdegC in the presence and absence of cobalt.
Cell membrane thermostability was measured following the method and formulae of Blum and Ebercon (1981).
For checking the thermostability, isolated colonies of bacteria were incubated at different temperature ranges e.g.
Although many works have focused on the applications of PLA and [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4], some basic properties such as the effect of [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] on the thermostability and the crystallization behavior of PLA under the influence of alternating magnetic field, have not been fully studied.
Addition of polyols and sugars to aqueous solutions of proteins facilitates strengthening of the hydrophobic interactions among non-polar amino acid residues, resulting into protein rigidification and thermostability optimization.
This is a positive indicator of globular protein thermostability. However, the GRAVY value is calculated by adding the hydropathy value for each residue and dividing them by the length of the sequence by using Kyte-Doolittle method (39).
This required screening of various microbes from different sources for isolation of potential enzymes with novel properties of thermophilicity, thermostability, and resistant to different factors (pH, salinity).
The technology has the ability to confer thermostability to viruses and therefore, overcome the need for storage at, for example, -80[degree sign]C.
Virus-specific thermostability and heat inactivation profiles of alphaviruses.
The researchers subjected the prototypes to a fly test and determined their resistance to change in terms of chemical and physical structure (thermostability) and to the influence of radiant energy (photostability).
Compared with other catalysts, there are more advantages of Bi2WO6 such as good visible light response, high thermostability, photocatalytic stability, low cost and environmentally friendly [14].