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n. pl. ther·mo·tax·es (-tăk′sēz)
1. Movement of a living organism in response to changes in temperature.
2. Normal regulation or adjustment of body temperature.

ther′mo·tac′tic (-tăk′tĭk), ther′mo·tax′ic (-tăk′sĭk) adj.
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The results show that black sea urchin Arbacia stellata was thermotactic, meaning that they moved toward the source of the thermal stimulus.
Ancylostoma caninum: The finger cell neurons mediate thermotactic behavior by infective larvae of the dog hookworm.
Considering that thermotactic behavior manifests a simple learning and memory task, AIY represents a prime candidate for an interneuron that integrates and memorizes sensory inputs, for example by variable patterns of synaptic connections.