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The movement or growth of an organism toward or away from heat.

ther′mo·tro′pic (thûr′mə-trōp′pĭk) adj.
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Based on type, the liquid crystal polymer market is bifurcated into thermotropic and lyotropic.
Son and Weiss prepared a copolymer by a melt acidolysis reaction between a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer (TLCP) and sodium salt of poly(ethylene-co-/--acrylic acid) ionomer and used this copolymer in TLCP/low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and TLCP/HDPE blends as compatibilizer [27].
In such study, we found that, in an aqueous lipid dispersion, the compound preferentially partitions to the lipid membrane disturbing the lateral organization and thermotropic behavior of DMPC bilayers.
We considered thermotropic LC in which, by decreasing the temperature from the isotropic (I) phase, the nematic (N) phase is obtained via first-order continuous symmetry breaking phase transition [8-10].
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The unique properties of thermotropic liquid crystals, in particular their electrooptical properties [3-7], have led to various applications (LCD, molecular sensors and detectors, optical switches, spatial light modulator, etc.) [8-10].
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Specific topics include from classical thermo-chemistry to monitoring living organisms, thermotropic properties of ceramides in aqueous or lipidic environments, allostery and cooperative interactions in proteins assessed by isothermal titration calorimetry, protein stability in crowded environments, and calorimetry to monitoring mixed bacterial populations and biofilms.
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