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The movement or growth of an organism toward or away from heat.

ther′mo·tro′pic (thûr′mə-trōp′pĭk) adj.
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The formation of a network structure, that leads to an elastic reinforcement and to the transformation from the liquid-like to the solid-like response at low frequencies, has been previously documented for CNTs composites [6-18, 31-39] as well as for nanocomposites containing carbon nanofibers [40-44], layered silicates composites [45^18], graphene [49, 50], carbon black [51], and for thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers [52, 53].
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Specific topics include from classical thermo-chemistry to monitoring living organisms, thermotropic properties of ceramides in aqueous or lipidic environments, allostery and cooperative interactions in proteins assessed by isothermal titration calorimetry, protein stability in crowded environments, and calorimetry to monitoring mixed bacterial populations and biofilms.
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For example molecules of thermotropic liquid crystals have a typical length of about 20 angstrom and their longitudinal and transverse sizes are in the ratio (4/8) : 1.