(thĕt′ĭk, thē′tĭk) also thet·i·cal (thĕt′ĭ-kəl, thē′tĭ-)
1. Beginning with, constituting, or relating to the thesis in prosody.
2. Presented dogmatically; arbitrarily prescribed.

[Greek thetikos, from thetos, placed, from tithenai, to put; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

thet′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Poetry) (in classical prosody) of, bearing, or relating to a metrical stress
2. positive and arbitrary; prescriptive
[C17: from Greek thetikos, from thetos laid down, from tithenai to place]
ˈthetically adv


(ˈθɛt ɪk, ˈθi tɪk)

also thet′i•cal,

positive; dogmatic.
[1670–80; < Greek thetikós=thet(ós) placed, set (v. adj. of tithénai to put down) + -ikos -ic]
thet′i•cal•ly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
A sympa- thetic comparison of mental notes would have been a joy to him.
I felt sorry for him--almost sympa- thetic, till (seeing that I did not vanish) he spoke in a tone of forced restraint.
The meaning and signification produced by transcendental ego's thetic predicative operation, however, do not exhaust the poetic function.
The past is not present as a representation in the thetic (positional) mode of consciousness, but is nevertheless constantly there, surrounding it, essentially as a facticity continually and pre-reflectively orientating consciousness's for-itself to the world.
One of the constituents of this gel is spilanthol, a biological local anaes- thetic extracted from the plant Acmella oleracea (paracress).
The idea of using water in this series is imporA[degrees] tant as it allows to bring to focus very sensitive subjects in an aesA[degrees] thetic way," she said, explaining that most images are taken not too deep under water so as to allow an element of natural lighting.
Reflex sympa- thetic dystrophy and pain dysfunction in the low extremity.
Kinaes thetic (K) modality refers to the "perceptual preference related to the use of experience and practice.
We have been influenced by bands from the late 90s such as Kasabian, but feel our music has progressed as we have a more syn thetic sound and, by adding piano, it adds something new.
Behnaz Farahi is an artist applying these principles of nature to both architecture and fashion, exploring how to augment humans with syn- thetic systems that enhance senses and experiences.
Thoracic peridural anesthesia improves cardiac and gastrointestinal blood flow through the interruption of sympathetic thetic activity and dose-dependent mesenteric venodilation, and it is related to the length of the block.