(ðɛər; unstressed ðər)
contraction of they are.
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"Theyre very disciplined, they run off their screens well, they played their zone really well.
They want to continue being the big fish, even if theyre living in a small pond.
Theyre saying that the city of Lahore was not blocked, as was being claimed by the League.
Theyre all related somewhat, selling fertilizer and input, but theyre not directly related and dont compete theyre not attempting to target the same customers, Jordan said.
Now theyre in a situation where theyre going for their graduate degree and they have no meaningful work experience.
Truly, you will have a coordinated project between the two facilities once theyre constructed, Paulitsch said.
Theyre all really talented including the ones that currently have the positions that arent part of this particular round of changes, McGee said.
As he told Buford Ellington, his director of emergency planning, that hurricanes victims in Louisiana feel like nobody cares about them, and they voted against us, and they feel like theyre kind of on the outside.
"Theyre a fighting team and theyre always a contender," Gerrys Grill co- owner Jerome Ngo said during the announcement of the restaurants tie-up with the Rising Suns yesterday at Gerrys Plus at UP Town Center in Quezon City.
Theyre non-hydrogenated, additive free, trans-fat free and non-deodorised.