thick-billed murre

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Noun1.thick-billed murre - a variety of murrethick-billed murre - a variety of murre      
murre - black-and-white diving bird of northern seas
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The dominating species in Greenland bird hunting are the thick-billed murre and the common eider.
Long-term effective population sizes of thick-billed murre colonies appear to be on the order of 104 pairs (see Appendix), whereas breeding ledges within colonies probably contain on the order of 10s of murres (see above).
brevirostris Tern (unidentified) * 112 73 Arctic Tern Sterna 112 7% 73 paradisea Aleutian Tern 120 78 Onychoprion aleuticus Murre (unidentified) * 965 627 Common Murre Uria aalge 966 628 Thick-billed Murre V.
In this study, we examine the relationship between egg size and posthatching growth in the Thick-billed Murre. To disengage any possible relationship between egg size and parental attributes, we randomly switched eggs among pairs, and then measured growth in mass and wing length of chicks from hatching until nest departure.
Tuck, Thick-billed Murre, Uria lomvia, hunting, banding, populations
Only chicks that survived [greater than or equal to]15 d were included in our analyses because 15 d is the youngest age at which Thick-billed Murre chicks are known to depart the colony (Gaston and Nettleship 1981).
A Review of Thick-Billed Murre Banding in the Canadian Arctic, 1950-2010.
Glaucous Gulls, Larus hyperboreus, are common predators of eggs and chicks of the Thick-billed Murre, Uria lomvia, in the Arctic.
Gilchrist (personal communication), conducted simultaneously with our study, showed that over the whole season, roughly 8% of Thick-billed Murre pairs lost an egg or a chick to predation by Glaucous Gulls (Larus hyperboreus).