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n. Informal
A stupid person; a blockhead.

thick′head′ed adj.


(ˈθɪkˌhɛd ɪd)

dull-witted; stupid.
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Adj.1.thickheaded - (used informally) stupidthickheaded - (used informally) stupid    
stupid - lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity


Lacking in intelligence:
Informal: thick.
Slang: dimwitted, dopey.


[ˌθɪkˈhedɪd] ADJ
1. (= stupid) → bruto, estúpido
2. (= obstinate) → terco, cabezón
3. (= groggy) → grogui


[ˌθɪkˈhɛdɪd] adj (fam) → ottuso/a, tonto/a
References in classic literature ?
Who could have seen through such thickheaded nonsense?
I speak in this way, Sancho, to show you that I can shower down proverbs just as well as yourself; and in short, I mean to say, and I do say, that if you don't like to come on reward with me, and run the same chance that I run, God be with you and make a saint of you; for I shall find plenty of squires more obedient and painstaking, and not so thickheaded or talkative as you are."
"Brad can be thickheaded sometimes, and Shiloh's at a sensitive age.
He knows that they are thickheaded and slow of heart and that it takes more than one vision for them to come to active belief --that's why he told two stories of Jesus healing a blind person and sandwiched Jesus' three predictions of his passion in between them.
1 had reached 59th Street, I had started to worry about the idiom "sounds like a broken record," referring to someone who starts talking about a single subject - his thickheaded boss, say, or the route he always takes to Woodside, Queens, when he visits his shiftless brother - and doesn't stop until his family and friends have fled the premises.
example, think he is both conceited and thickheaded. Rather
At some point in the planning of her Halloween costume, Shurtz should have stopped to say, "Wait a minute - this is not a good idea." The fact that she didn't reveals a thickheaded cultural illiteracy, not just in Shurtz but in her social and academic milieu.
They are generally quite thickheaded. The painter's trade involves his making far more tender observations.