thickly settled

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Adj.1.thickly settled - densely populated
inhabited - having inhabitants; lived in; "the inhabited regions of the earth"
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"Well," said the Man, looking about, "the country doesn't seem to be very thickly settled here."
It's a speculation, of course, but the way the mines are moving north and west it's likely this'll be a thickly settled camp in another two or three years."
Eugene has attracted those questioners since the 1960s, but nowhere are they more thickly settled than in south Eugene.
In this thickly settled TV landscape, telling that kind of story would be one way to occupy some relatively undisturbed territory--if anyone want to explore it, that is.
Plymouth Street is in Cleghorn, a thickly settled section of the city.
But heading eastward, past the starkly modern winter sports resort at Pamporovo, I found myself in more thickly settled country, where rolling hills are dotted with hundreds of tiny villages.
This year it's suburban backyard astronomy: exploring the cosmos successfully even under the light pollution of a thickly settled area.
In October at least three good asteroidoccultation paths cross thickly settled areas of North America:
In the 1880s, more than one million people, most of them European immigrants but many from the thickly settled eastern states, moved to America's Midwestern plains.