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Adv.1.thievishly - in a manner characteristic of a thief
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So they begin to see spectrums of nuances, where sometimes the boundary between two constructed opposites begins to blur, when 'good' mingles into 'evil' and 'evil' into 'good', and they see that this happens in insensible degrees, thievishly. Then, sometimes it is difficult to decide on which side of the divide something is to be placed.
If we now feel ourselves reasonably assured of providing the "right" reading of the riddle, we might then conclude we have the key to interpret the rest of the narrative: Fur, fla-bis, fle-bis 'O Thief, you will blow, you will weep.' Parkins, we might quite correctly conclude, is punished for his transgression, which (as we have discussed) may be interpreted as having thievishly appropriated the academic discipline of the professional archaeologist.
"Yes, a PE-teacher can be Interior Minister as long as he governs prudently, not thievishly."