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Noun1.thigh boot - a very high bootthigh boot - a very high boot; used especially for fishing
boot - footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg
waders - waterproof hip boots (sometimes extending to the chest) worn by anglers
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Many trials were conducted to produce a waterproof boot for prevention of trenchfoot, but Wood notes that most solutions were primitive or ineffective (rawhide), poor in quality (English shoes that fell apart), or impracticable (wooden boards strapped to boots) until a waterproof thigh boot was issued in 1915.
WHEN Taylor Swift stepped out in an eye-popping Versace jacket and thigh boots at the VMAs this week, it was a sign that Versace is back at its peak.
But even glittery thigh boots didn't stop comparisons with Wolfie - urban guerilla hero of 70s TV sitcom Citizen Smith.
The singer dazzled the audience at the L'Oreal show, modelling the one-shoulder sequin frock with a daring split, and PVC thigh boots.
Dianne wore a striking striped dress teamed with black thigh boots, while Anthony kept it casual in a maroon quilted jacket for the occasion.
On the beach, of course, it could only be the iconic red swimsuit, while Hollywood Boulevard was treated to Barbed Wire thigh boots and a silver corset.
All that leather means OTKs can be pricey, so go faux and give an affordable pair, like Bonprix's Body Flirt Faux Suede Thigh Boots, PS39.99 (, a try, before deciding whether you want to shell out on the real thing.
The workers all bundled up in oilskins, rubber thigh boots and layers of cable-stitched woollen jumpers seemed impervious to the freezing conditions, though closer examination revealed hands reddened and chapped from the long hours spent foraging through their icebound produce.
The only thing outrageous about it was how bloody ridiculous she looked in those thigh boots that even stick-thin models can't wear without getting thunder thighs.