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2. One who operates a thimblerig.
tr.v. thim·ble·rigged, thim·ble·rig·ging, thim·ble·rigs
To swindle with or as if with a thimblerig.

thim′ble·rig′ger n.
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He devotes the greatest attention to describing the thimblerigger, whose flamboyant attire makes him stand out.
The producer of wheat is compelled to see the stocks in his barn dealt with like the peas of a thimblerigger, or the cards of a three-card-monte man.
The son of Robellino was bred by Gibson Fleming out of the Sharpen Up mare Thimblerigger, who was bought for her by bloodstock agent James Wigan, who described her as a "fantastic person to have anything to do with and a really sad loss".