thin down

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w>thin down

vidünner werden; (person also)abnehmen, schlanker werden
vt sep paint, sauceverdünnen
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And wid that the widdy, she gits up from the sofy, and makes the swatest curthchy nor iver was seen; and thin down she sits like an angel; and thin, by the powers, it was that little spalpeen Mounseer Maiter-di-dauns that plumped his silf right down by the right side of her.
Meanwhile, Lennon is looking to thin down the numbers.
Thin down meals by simplifying them with soups, fruit and water.
Summary: California [United States], January 12 (ANI): SpaceX is set to thin down its team by laying off 10 percent of the workforce as it is reeling under some financial pressure.
The competition for midfield places was tough at Highfield Road with Willie Carr and Morrissey in direct competition and in February 1968 as Noel Cantwell started to thin down a big professional playing staff Benny was released.
A solution to preserving forest ecosystems is to do 'controlled or prescribed burns' where wildfires are started intentionally and in a controlled manner to thin down forests and remove the undergrowth.
He said: "The CVAs we see are a way to thin down assets to their more profitable locations.
These can be a little more delicate to thin down to one or two of the largest apples, but it can be done with care and practice.
Thin down some quark with a little water and add a swirl to your bowl, if you like.
You have a great body!" Warped backgrounds can appear when someone uses editing software - normally on their phone - to pinch in their waist or thin down their legs.
He said: "It has reduced a bit but is still ongoing; luckily it is beginning to thin down."