Thin section

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a section or slice, as of mineral, animal, or vegetable substance, thin enough to be transparent, and used for study under the microscope.
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Air-holes formed, fissures sprang and spread apart, while thin sections of ice fell through bodily into the river.
The FinAlu[R] series feature stainless steel pins for longevity and smooth operation while weighing in at only 5, 9 or 15 grams for 38, 50 and 63.5mm (aircraft industry) sizes, with exceptionally thin section flaps of 1.3mm which open 270[degrees].
In the present study, thin section samples from several parna type-sites in southern NSW were examined micromorphologically to reveal the presence of very well size-sorted quartz grain populations (companion grains) and identifiable prolate clay aggregations of a similar silt to fine sand size.
In this paper, the longitudinal interval with extra low permeability reservoirs in a well in Dagang Oilfield is taken as an example, and elaborate characterization is carried out for the micropore structures of the cores using scanning electron microscope (SEM), casting thin section, fluorescence microscopy, and other technologies.
Thin section images and microscope analysis were used to investigate the origin that why do the high porosity and carbonate cements superimpose in depth, when the formation water flowed and broke through the overpressure surface, causing the precipitation and concentration of calcite near the overpressure surface because of the unstable temperature and pressure [42, 43] (Yang Zhi, 2011).
I had not been to the site, but I did a thin section study for him on all the samples he had collected.
The novel, custom-designed bearing units comprise a pair of angular contact, thin section, double-row bearings in a housed assembly, ready for fitting to the ellipsometer equipment.
Fifty two (52) samples from selected cores were taken for thin section preparation and were impregnated with blue dyed epoxy also.
The safety is supposed to block the firing pin and drop the hammer but P38 pistols made then have a safety with an extremely thin section that can break.