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Adj.1.thin-shelled - of animals or plants that have a thin shell
shelled - of animals or fruits that have a shell
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His Meiso No Mori Municipal Funeral Hall is a thin-shelled concrete canopy that exquisitely blends with the undulating hills behind it.
lamellosa outside the geographic range of the shell-breaking crab Cancer productus, the thin-shelled lamellose phenotype persists in a wide range of habitats--including protected shores--that would normally only have the thick-shelled, smooth form (ARP, pers.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) earlier said that an infected bird may exhibit several signs, including respiratory signs (gasping, coughing), nervous signs (depression, inappetence, muscular tremors, drooping wings, twisting of head and neck, circling, complete paralysis), swelling of the tissues around the eyes and neck, greenish, watery diarrhea, misshapen, rough- or thin-shelled eggs and reduced egg production.
Several approaches to obtain thin-shelled nanocapsules have been investigated.
Therefore, more moisture loss from thin-shelled eggs probably resulted in more quality deterioration for table eggs [3].
They also noted particularly heavy predation on thin-shelled mussels (like P.
Carson reported that birds ingesting DDT tended to lay thin-shelled eggs which would in turn break prematurely in the nest, resulting in marked population declines.
Eggs (as a single word) are simply the oval, thin-shelled reproductive bodies of birds, especially those of a hen, used as food.