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Verb1.think back - recapture the past; indulge in memories; "he remembered how he used to pick flowers"
reminisce - recall the past; "The grandparents sat there, reminiscing all afternoon"
retrospect, look back, review - look back upon (a period of time, sequence of events); remember; "she reviewed her achievements with pride"
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w>think back

visich zurückversetzen (→ to in +acc)
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When David heard this story first he was quite certain that he had never tried to escape, but I told him to think back hard, pressing his hands to his temples, and when he had done this hard, and even harder, he distinctly remembered a youthful desire to return to the tree-tops, and with that memory came others, as that he had lain in bed planning to escape as soon as his mother was asleep, and how she had once caught him half-way up the chimney.
"Think back - did you see three men hanging around the area?
Many people think back to the films they saw at the picture house with
Shaking in the morning, when I think back I was ever so sick, Baulking and wretching, till I had a curer, Day-by-day, my health got poorer, When I think back to those dangerous days, If I'd never met you I'd have never changed my ways.
Officers are now appealing for help from the public and are asking neighbours in the area to think back to what they were doing in the early hours of December 4.
No matter how much I travel, I always think back home in London has the best of everything when it comes to night life.
"It kinda feels like a bit of a blur now when I think back it's 20 years last week.
So, whenever I am in the office and thinking that maybe my work does not make that much of a difference I think back to this piece of statistic and "roll-up my sleeves".
I again appeal to readers to think back to that evening and if you were in the Renfrew area at the relevant time, please come forward as detective officers would like to speak with you.
"This is awful and it makes me think back to what Christmas is about -how nobody would take in the baby Jesus and his family.
"I think back to not that long ago, and I didn't think it was possible to be out.
If I think back to my time as a student the most highly qualified teacher was nowhere near the best teacher even though he was the most highly paid!