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Verb1.think back - recapture the past; indulge in memories; "he remembered how he used to pick flowers"
reminisce - recall the past; "The grandparents sat there, reminiscing all afternoon"
retrospect, look back, review - look back upon (a period of time, sequence of events); remember; "she reviewed her achievements with pride"

w>think back

visich zurückversetzen (→ to in +acc)
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When David heard this story first he was quite certain that he had never tried to escape, but I told him to think back hard, pressing his hands to his temples, and when he had done this hard, and even harder, he distinctly remembered a youthful desire to return to the tree-tops, and with that memory came others, as that he had lain in bed planning to escape as soon as his mother was asleep, and how she had once caught him half-way up the chimney.
I think back to not that long ago, and I didn't think it was possible to be out.
I do think back to that year but I don't think back to that time in Gotzis and how I felt because that was a horrible feeling," said 26-yearold Ennis.
TO every football fan waking up in pain at the thought of their club's league position, think back a decade, then chew on this sentence: "Manchester City's owner has reassured his manager that, even if he gets knocked out of the Champions League by Bayern Munich, he won't be considered a failure, as long as he lifts the Premier League in May.
Think back to the riots in the summer, think back to what happened in the 1980s, and business is saying ''However tough, Government, youth unemployment is something we must not let get out of hand'.
Think back to a time when you have played a critical tee shot badly and how tight and anxious you felt moments before the shot as the pressure mounted, did you feel relaxed and your muscles free from tension?
I just think back on all the great times I had skating, whether it was skating with Karl Watson at 3rd and Army, talking with Rob Welsh at the Novato skatepark, or getting chewed out by Clyde Singleton at Pier 7 for getting in his way.
Caerphilly Council leader Lindsay Whittle said: "When the Labour Club opened, I think back in the 1960s, people used to queue up to get in.
THE people of Liverpool are today proud to be Liverpudlian because of allwe have achieved in these latter years but instead of certain individuals constantlymaking bad remarks aboutMargaret Thatcher and her government, they should think back and remember itwas her sending in MichaelHeseltine back in the 80swho started the ball rolling to achieve whatwe have today.
It read: "I'm excited when I think back to all the beautiful moments that we've shared.
I can just imagine his banking colleagues and the police asking him: "Now think back, Jerome.
All too often, people as part of their grieving will think back with the regret, "if only" I had done this, said that, or had not done, or said something to their loved one.