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He wrote a think piece titled, 'Wanted: A new rice industry road map after lifting of quantitative restrictions.'
However one think piece was published about an "MBN journalist who went to Russia to cover the World Cup and was sexually harassed by two women."
The think piece economy is booming, and we're all scrambling for a cut.
executive just wrote a think piece for a trade publication about how the
This is not an assessment tool but a think piece to encourage and support securities regulators around the world to consider how they can build effective credible deterrence strategies."
TWe make no apology for doing this think piece on the pressures that county is facing, just a day after we touched on many of the same issues in this slot.
Janet Burroway, Losing Tim, Think Piece Publishing, 2014.
I can't take another Hatem Ben Afra think piece or a 2,000 word analysis on Papiss Cisse and why he can't score goals.
Sweden, April 2 -- The think piece "Winning the peace in Sri Lanka" by David L.
Those looking for a generalized think piece on state building from an idealist perspective should read this book; all others beware.
A think piece by 23 Things inventor Helene Blowers blows the lid off of social networking initiatives by suggesting the best strategy in reaching a new generation is not so much about adopting and deploying any given technology as it is about understanding, identifying with, and responding to the core values of Digital Natives.