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thiomersal, thimerosal

n timerosal m, tiomersal m (INN)
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Mycoplasma mycoides suspension (15mg/100ml=0.1ml), 0.2ml of PPR virus with 104 units of TCID50 in monovalent, 0.02ml of PPR virus with 105 units of TCID50 in combined vaccines, 0.2ml of FMD O virus with 106 units of TCID50 in monovalent and 0.02ml of FMD O virus with 107 units of TCID50,in combined vaccine Aluminium hydroxide gel (4%) and Thiomersal Sodium (0.05%) were added in each of the vaccines as an adjuvant and preservative, respectively.
Thiomersal is the majorly used preservative in human vaccines and veterinary vaccines.
He had a 5-month history of malignant otitis externa (MOE), which was worsening despite 4 months of treatment with intravenous ceftazidime, oral ciprofloxacin, and topical neomycin, polymyxin B, dexamethasone, and thiomersal combination.
The most common allergens giving positive patch test were PPD in 54 (68.4%), fragrance mix in 8 (10.1%), colophony, parabens mix and thiomersal in 3 each (3.8%) and formaldehyde in 2 (2.5%) patients (Table 6).
Intracellular IP3 receptors can be directly activated by pharmacological agents like thiomersal that has been used previously as a calcium mobilizer and cell functionmodulating agent [3].
The link between the MMR vaccine and autism has been well and truly debunked (see Box 1, p22), but fears still linger about a supposed link between autism and thiomersal (a preservative found in some vaccines) as well as other, generally unsubstantiated, claims by anti-vaccination activists.
(20) Older formulations of eye cosmetic products used preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride, thiomersal and chlorhexidine, which can cause tear instability.
The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, involved 79 infant monkeys split into groups so that the MMR vaccine and a chemical added to vaccines called thiomersal (frequently cited by anti-vaxxers as a cause for autism) could be tested.
Later, no relation could be found between autism and thiomersal in very large studies conducted in half a million children in Denmark, in 28 000 children in Canada and in nearly 2 million children in Finland (2).
Mercury concentrations and metabolism in infants receiving vaccines containing thiomersal: a descriptive study.
The preservative thiomersal, which contains mercury and is usually found in multivial preparations, is not toxic to the nervous system, as well.