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A colorless liquid, C4H4S, containing an aromatic ring composed of a sulfur atom and four carbon atoms, used as a solvent and in organic synthesis.


(ˈθaɪ əˌfin)

a water-insoluble, colorless liquid, C4H4S, resembling benzene.
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Fact.MR has announced the addition of the "Thiophene Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2019 to 2029"report to their offering.
By drilling into Martian mudstone, the rover was able to identify thiophene, 2- and 3-methylthiophenes, methanethiol and dimethylsulfide that are all also present in Earth mudstone.
CH), 1540 [cm.sup.-1] (-N=CH) NMR: [.sup.1]H NMR ([DMSO-d.sub.6], 300 MHz,): [delta]=6.60-7.10 (m, 7H, aromatic benzene and thiophene), 4.85 (s, 1H, ethylene), 4.95-5.90 (s, 2H, methine), 3.30 (s, 2H, methylene).
Additionally, volatile chlorine-containing organic compounds, as well as benzene (D, [r.sub.t] 3.5 min), thiophene (E, [r.sub.t] 3.6 min) and 3-pentanone (F, [r.sub.t] 4.05 min) were identified.
The GC MS results indicated the presence of more than 27 different compounds notably 1, 4-Dioxanedimethanol (13.06%), 1, 3-Bisbenzo thiophene (8.66%), 1,3,5-trimethyl-2-octadecyl cyclohexane (7.58%), 2,4,6-Decatrienoic acid (2.74%), a-Amyrin (2.24%), Cyclopropane carboxamide (0.8%).
Calcination effect of Ca-Fe hydrocalumites supported CoMo for the hydrodesulfurization of thiophene and hydrogenation of cyclohexene
That may be because many of the compounds, such as thiophene, methanethiol and dimethyl sulphide, had sulphur atoms in their molecular structure -- which would strengthen the relatively fragile organic molecules, allowing them to survive the radiation bombarding the planet's surface for so long.
A French-built instrument revealed "several organic molecules and volatiles reminiscent of organic-rich sedimentary rock found on Earth, including: thiophene, 2- and 3-methylthiophenes, methanethiol, and dimethylsulfide," said the Science report.