thiosulfuric acid

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thi·o·sul·fu·ric acid

An acid, H2S2O3, formed by replacement of an oxygen atom by a sulfur atom in sulfuric acid, found only in solution or as its salts and esters.

thi′o•sul•fu′ric ac′id

(ˈθaɪ oʊ sʌlˈfyʊər ɪk, ˌθaɪ-)
an acid, H2S2O3, derived from sulfuric acid.
kwas tiosiarkowy
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Similarly, both extracts contained low percentages of organosulfur compounds like methanesulfonamide (5.23%), 2-pyridinethione (3.87%), 2-mercaptopyridine (1.68%), thiosulfuric acid (1.52%), and cysteaminesulfonic acid (0.25%).
In addition, both extracts also contain other bioactive sulfur compounds such as thiosulfuric acid (0.15-1.52%) and methanesulfonamide (5.23%) which were not reported in the hydromethanolic extract.
Adverse effects included nausea, vomiting, headache, and anion gap metabolic acidosis (due to unmeasured anion, thiosulfuric acid, generated when sodium thiosulfate is dissolved in aqueous solution).