third finger

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third′ fin′ger

the finger next to the little finger; ring finger.
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Karnegie suddenly checked the word of sympathy as it rose to her lips--suddenly lifted the hand, and looked, with a momentary sternness of scrutiny, at the third finger.
If I put it on the third finger of my left hand I am invisible, and I can see everything that passes around me, though no one can see me.
Her left hand lay gloveless, and of the four rings on her third finger one was a wedding-ring.
Her eyes, however, were fixed upon the diamond ring which sparkled upon her third finger.
They had not been at work ten minutes ere her eye had glimpsed the topaz ring on the third finger of Saxon's left hand.
She proffered it to Miss Reade and, as the latter took it into her singularly slender, beautiful hand, I saw a ring on her third finger.
The Outlaw of Torn raised the little circlet to his lips, and then slipped it upon the third finger of his left hand.
Likewise had gone the plain gold band from May Setbby's third finger.
That she was married had been evidenced by the narrow gold band that encircled the third finger of her left hand.
That ring with the rough nugget on it was above it, and the twisted snake ring on the third finger.
Altogether, I am well off, when I tell my income on the fingers of my left hand, I pass the third finger and take in the fourth to the middle joint.
The patient kept them outside the bed-clothes, one of them slightly spread out, the second and third fingers together, and, while he spoke to Philip, seemed to contemplate them with satisfaction.