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a. A sensation of dryness in the mouth and throat related to a need or desire to drink.
b. The desire to drink.
2. An insistent desire; a craving: a thirst for knowledge.
intr.v. thirst·ed, thirst·ing, thirsts
1. To feel a need to drink.
2. To have a strong craving; yearn.

[Middle English, from Old English thurst; see ters- in Indo-European roots.]

thirst′er n.
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Intensely desirous or interested:
Informal: raring.
Idioms: champing at the bit, ready and willing.
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He and his family, helpless women and children, struggling to live, ignorant and defenseless and forlorn as they were--and the enemies that had been lurking for them, crouching upon their trail and thirsting for their blood
I have got a brimful reservoir of talk to pour out on you, and an empty one ready and thirsting to receive what you have got; we will sit up till midnight and have a good satisfying interchange, for I leave here early in the morning.
A life- thirsting, cannibal-looking, bloody-minded juryman, the Jacques Three of St.
Now Umslopogaas and his impi travelled fast and far, hungering and thirsting, till at length they came to the land of the Umswazi, and after a while entered the territory of the Halakazi by a high and narrow pass.