(thĭth′ər-to͞o′, thĭth′-)
Up to that time; until then.


(ˌðɪðəˈtuː; ˈðɪðəˌtuː)
obsolete or formal until that time


(ˌθɪð ərˈtu, ˌðɪð-, ˈθɪð ərˌtu, ˈðɪð-)

up to that time; until then.
References in classic literature ?
The men created a couple of new ranks, thitherto unknown to the army regulations, and conferred them upon Cathy, with ceremonies suitable to a duke.
Thitherto English prose had seldom attained to thorough conciseness and order; it had generally been more or less formless or involved in sentence structure or pretentious in general manner; but the Restoration writers substantially formed the more logical and clear-cut manner which, generally speaking, has prevailed ever since.
If my linen shirt had thitherto been sticky, it was now wet.
that faced with an infinitude of possible directions and having no ultimate reason to choose one over another, I would in all probability, though not at all necessarily, go on behaving much as I had thitherto, much as a rabbit shot on the run keeps running in the same direction until death overtakes him.
It was the space of common sense, of knowledge (savoir), of social practice, of political power, a space thitherto enshrined in everyday discourse, just as in abstract thought .
On the other hand, Esping-Andersen's works, by focusing on state and market, unfolded a deficit: Namely, the so called feminist criticism elaborated that the family's role in welfare provision and genderspecific problems had been thitherto neglected by comparative welfare state research (e.
132) Even al-Baladhuri's much more conservative number--he claims 'Ubayd Allah imprisoned four hundred Kharijites (133)--presents us with a figure far more massive than the paltry numbers thitherto encountered, making even the numbers mentioned, for example, in the imbroglio involving Hujr b.
These elements make up the Marlovian discourse which resists what Levinas terms "ontological imperialism," glossed by Gibson as "the expression of the naive, arbitrary, spontaneous dogmatism of the self which directs the understanding at its thitherto obscure object as a clarifying 'ray of light',.
28) Indeed, Dostoevsky took some pride in having given artistic embodiment to atheism with a force thitherto unmatched in world literature.