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 (tō′lə-īt′, thō′-)
Any of a series of igneous rocks similar in composition to basalt but having more silica and iron and less aluminum.

[After Tholei (Tholey), municipality in Saarland, Germany, where it is found.]

tho′lei·it·ic (-ĭt′ĭk) adj.


relating to, characteristic of or resembling tholeiite
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Different geochemical studies on the rocks of the Arquia Complex reveal an oceanic origin from tholeiitic basalts in MORB or N-MORB environments types (Villagomez et al.
2011) grouped this products in the Basal Tholeiitic Supersynthem and the literature data are agree to date the eruptive phenomena at about 500000 years ago.
Mineral-melt interaction during late stage crystallization has been identified in rocks of variable geochemical affinity, including tholeiitic (Gillis, 1996; Tribuzio et al.
Furthermore, Listice basalt belongs to tholeiitic suite and could have originated by a low degree of partial melting of a garnet peridotite source (Fig.
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Late Triassic to Early Jurassic tholeiitic dykes and basin flood basalts in the region are located in Figure 2.
This gold project covers a folded (tilted syncline towards the south; north dipping) volcanic sequence composed of calc-alkaline sinter to lapillis-blocks felsic-intermediate tuffs (WABAMISK Formation), banded iron-formation (BIF)/ chert, intermediate and tholeiitic mafics.