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A reddish organic substance, found on the surface of icy bodies in the outer solar system, and formed by the exposure of simple organic compounds, such as ethane and methane, to ultraviolet radiation.

[Greek tholos, mud + -in (coined by Carl Sagan).]
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We don't yet understand the relationship between water ice and the reddish tholin colorants on Pluto's surface.
Com o objetivo de facilitar a sua aplicabilidade, Tholin e colaboradores (2005) elaboraram uma nova versao com 21 itens que, posteriormente, foi traduzida e validada para o Brasil (Natacci, 2009).
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An analysis of the reaction pathways leading to sustained tholin production in Titans upper atmosphere: a literature review.
Scientists believe the tholin particles form high in the atmosphere, where ultraviolet sunlight breaks apart and ionizes nitrogen and methane molecules and allows them to react with one another to form more and more complex negatively and positively charged ions.
Tholin, Rasmussen, Tynelius, and Karlsson (2005) added 3 items in order to avoid floor and ceiling effects in the Emotional Eating factor in a twin male sample.
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Alfa Laval has already established a partnership with Opcon concerning Opcon Powerbox for industrial applications which we are currently developing," Joakim Tholin, general manager at Alfa Laval's marine & diesel segment, said.
It's a "new day in Washington," exult leaders Scott Bernstein and Kathryn Tholin, as CNT's research and ideas are poised to be "incorporated into the framing of the Obama administration's urban policy.
The NASA team thinks the tholin particles form high in the Plutonian atmosphere, where what ultraviolet sunlight from over three billion miles away that washes the planet, breaks down and ionizes nitrogen and methane molecules.
Community reinvestment does not cause bank failure, according to Kathryn Tholin, vice president of the Woodstock Institute, a Chicago-based not-for-profit which designs programs to increase private investment in moderate-income and minority communities.