thoracic nerve

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Noun1.thoracic nerve - any of twelve pairs of spinal nerves emerging from the thoracic region of the spinal cordthoracic nerve - any of twelve pairs of spinal nerves emerging from the thoracic region of the spinal cord
nervus spinalis, spinal nerve - any of the 31 pairs of nerves emerging from each side of the spinal cord (each attached to the cord by two roots: ventral and dorsal)
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Interestingly, the long thoracic nerve on this individual arose from the C6 and C7 nerve roots only with an aberrant communicating branch between the dorsal scapular and the long thoracic nerves.
An anatomical study of the role of the long thoracic nerve and the related scapular bursae in the pathogenesis of local paralysis of the serratus anterior muscle.
The former Cambridge Dive Team member had suffered an elbow injury in the build-up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow before sustaining a separate injury to the long thoracic nerve, which affected his shoulder.
More specific symptoms such as scapular winging (due to long thoracic nerve injury), diaphragmatic dysfunction (involvement of the phrenic nerve C3-C5), or Horner's syndrome (postganglionic C8-T1 involvement) can also be presenting complaints.
However, there are a considerable number of people in whom somatic intrathoracic branches of the second nerve come together with the first spinal thoracic nerve.
DISCUSSION: The brachial plexus is formed by the union of the anterior primary divisions (ventral rami) of the fifth to the eighth cervical nerves and the first thoracic nerve.
Whereas patients being treated with thoracotomy needed special post-op pain management including intra thoracic nerve blocks, opiates and epidurals, such a need seldom arose following VATS, in which case the patients usually suffice with oral pain killers for a short duration.