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Musculoskeletal thoracic pain is common in the general population.
For the Program Sensible Care, Floor Phase chest pain a tender process conducted for the acquisition of a research group that an inventory of guidelines and recommendations can make it for risk stratification and diagnosis of patients presenting with thoracic pain with the doctor ( GP or cardiologist) suspects that the symptoms are related to coronairvaatlijden.
Thoracic pain during inhalation and exhalation 6 months after the treatment
Case for Diagnosis: A 20 year old male with thoracic pain and a lower thoracic mass.
A high index of suspicion for coronary artery disease in high-risk patients with thoracic pain and shortness of breath--as well as a rapid, thorough evaluation--should keep you out of court (and your patients alive).
The avoidance of deep breathing truncal movement and coughing as a result of thoracic pain may lead to a decreased functional residual capacity, increased airway closure and hypoxemia, segmental or lobar pulmonary collapse, retention of secretion and bronchopneumonia.
In a larger analysis from the FAST II (Fast Assessment of Thoracic Pain II) and FASTER I (Fast Assessment Of Thoracic Pain By Neural Networks I) studies, however, Eggers and colleagues (3) demonstrated that cTnI concentrations that exceeded the 99th percentile with at least a 20% change in concentrations identified patients at higher risk for death and myocardial infarction at 6 months and death at a median follow-up of 5.

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