thoracic vein

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Noun1.thoracic vein - veins that drain the thoracic walls
vein, vena, venous blood vessel - a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart; "all veins except the pulmonary vein carry unaerated blood"
chest, pectus, thorax - the part of the human torso between the neck and the diaphragm or the corresponding part in other vertebrates
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sup][9] Because the right internal thoracic vein is often close to the origin, it can be by a catheter coming from either brachiocephalic vein.
The cranial and caudal venae cavae, aorta, internal thoracic vein and artery, subclavian arteries, intercostal vessels and nerves were structures that were also visualized during the exploration.
The pathway followed by lymphatic vessels draining the skin above the sternum and part of the breast goes directly via tributaries of the internal thoracic vein to the deep nodes situated alongside the sternum (parasternal nodes) (3).