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a. toracicoabdominal, rel. al tórax y al abdomen.
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Corrugated vascular prostheses from dacron (polyester) for cardiosurgery and surgery of the ascending aorta (prosthesis with sinus waltz), valve-containing conduits of ascending ao, thoracoabdominal ao (different configuration)
1, Embla N7000, Medcare, Netherland) with a standard montage of electroencephalogram, electro-oculogram and electromyogram signals, pulse oximetry, respiratory impedance, nasal airflow measurements, thoracoabdominal movements, limb movements, body position and electrocardiogram.
Apneas were scored when the airflow decreased by at least 90% from baseline for at least 10 s and were classified as central, mixed, or obstructive depending on the occurrence of thoracoabdominal movements (25).
These complex aortic pathologies included the following: multiple aortic ulcers (1 case), thoracic aorta pseudoaneurysm (1 case), reintervention for a prior endovascular aortic repair (EVAR, 3 cases), thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm (3 cases), complex abdominal aneurysm (7 cases), and aortic dissection (Stanford type B, 7 cases).
They address radiology, head trauma, nonfatal strangulation, bruises and burns, ophthalmic manifestations and oral injuries, thoracoabdominal injuries, poisoning, neglect, abandonment, failure to thrive, sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, medical abuse, the role of law enforcement, interdisciplinary death investigation, DNA, and prevention.
Blood samples were taken on the second postoperative day by puncture of the left myocardial ventricle through the midline thoracoabdominal incision.
We aimed to perform intraindividual comparison of computed tomography (CT) parameters, image quality, and radiation exposure between standard CT angiography (CTA) and high-pitch dual source (DS)-CTA, in subjects undergoing serial CTA of thoracoabdominal aorta.
Massive hemothorax resulted from a diaphragmatic laceration in the absence of rib fracture, or any thoracoabdominal organ injury is rarely seen.
Imaging of thoracoabdominal involvement in Erdheim-Chester disease.
16] reported a 15-year-old Japanese male patient who presented with multiple buccal aphthoses, genital ulcers, and iridouveitis as manifestations of BD and the attacks of fever and thoracoabdominal pain as clinical features of FMF.
4) In contrast to head and neck PGs, where the SDHD mutation is the most frequent, followed by SDHB and SDHC, (5,6) the SDHB mutation is more dominant in thoracoabdominal PGs.