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Noun1.thoracocentesis - removal of fluid from the chest by centesis for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
centesis - (surgery) the act of puncturing a body cavity or organ with a hollow needle in order to draw out fluid
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As this was a retrospective study and patient consent had been obtained prior to thoracocentesis, the need for individual patient consent for this study was waived by the ethics committee.
1), (6) The initial thoracocentesis is often done for diagnostic purposes, except when the patient complains of shortness of breath at rest, where it could also be done for therapeutic benefit.
Repeated thoracocentesis revealed straw-coloured fluid with protein >3 g/dl, and inflammatory cells with a lymphocytic predominance without any atypical cells.
At the 2-month follow-up, the patient was still being treated in hospital for pleural effusions by means of diuretics, thoracocentesis and supportive treatment.
While in many cases no haemodynamic disturbance was reported, marked hypotension, elevated airway pressures and impaired surgical access due to the bulging hemi-diaphragm have led to some authors to advocate management ranging from on-table chest X-ray confirmation, thoracocentesis and placement of intercostal catheters before completing the procedure, or even conversion to open surgery including thoracotomy (5,11-19).
Immediate needle decompression followed by tube thoracocentesis in the left 5th intercostal space released a large amount of air under pressure initially, followed by feculent fluid.
In the meantime, my stress increased significantly after I was taken for chest x-rays on three occasions and, without any explanation about the results, I was told by the nurses that fluid had built up on the left side of my chest wall and might need to be evacuated by thoracocentesis.
Peritoneal or pleural fluid is typically obtained by paracentesis or thoracocentesis.
Patients with PPE not requiring thoracocentesis or surgical decortication were excluded, as were cases with PF analysis consistent with a transudate.