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[From thorium.]


(Elements & Compounds) another name for thorium dioxide
[C19: thorium + -a, on the model of magnesia]


(ˈθɔr i ə, ˈθoʊr-)

thorium dioxide, a white, heavy, water-insoluble powder, ThO2, used chiefly in incandescent mantles.
[1835–45; thori (um) + -a4]
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He had found none to his liking among the Sari, nor farther on until he had come to the land of the Thoria, and there he had found and fought for this very lovely Thorian maiden whom he was bringing back to his own people.
Since Trump's statement, 15 Palestinians were killed, including disabled Gaza activist Ibrahim Abu Thoria.
Presente a l'inauguration de l'evenement, sa fille benjamine, Benazzouz Thoria, dit tout le bien de son defunt pere.
For her part, the chairwoman of the UNDP rule of law, and human rights Thoria Bozorro kova , explained that the NHRC is an independent institution that work for the ideal protection of human rights, noting that the UNDP is aware of the importance of cooperation between the two sides and the work for realizing the rights of women, children, and the disabled and to intensify efforts to create a strong culture of respect for human rights, hoping for the work together in order to produce a document of human rights to be included in the Sudan's constitution.
They will be supported by Thoria, The Broken Rebels and Charles Dexter Ward and the Imagineer.
En Leibniz, esto es asi porque esta convencido de maxima Thoria aum Praxis (teoria con praxis); segun Chavarria, esto es parte del componente de su modo de estar en el mundo, la de ser un intelectual y hombre de accion (2011, XXI); para De Salas el compromiso politico es el resultado de una reflexion rigurosa y fundamentada (1984, 16), de tal manera que la razon y la accion coevolucionan, y por tanto, la razon culmina con la accion.
Phani, Elastic-Constant-Porosity Relations for Polycrystalline Thoria, J.
Fabricated from tungsten, rhenium or iridium, the filaments are available in straight, hairpin, "V" shape, spiral or special configurations with yttria or thoria coatings and plain ends or platinum tabs for ease of welding.
In hot cathode tubes, the source of electrons is from a hot wire of refractory metal, usually tungsten, or a thoria (Th[O.
NEW ZEALAND rockers The Datsuns (below), whose Outta Sight Outta Mind album was produced by Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, play the Kasbah next Thursday with support from Cov kids Thoria.