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Adj.1.thoriated - being or sounding of nervous or suppressed laughter
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2004) (criticizing expert's failure to determine plaintiff's radiation dose from thoriated tungsten rods in throat and lung cancer case).
The Multi Strike electrode is said to provide more than ten times the number of arc strikes than the conventional red tipped thoriated tungsten electrodes more commonly in use.
GRINDING PRODUCTS offer pure, 2 percent ceriated, 2 percent thoriated and 1.
5 percent lanthanated, 2 percent thoriated, and rare earth.
The carefully balanced mix of non-radio-toxic dopants in the Tungsten Electrodes is said to produce a ten-times greater performance over standard thoriated products.
Five types of tungsten - pure, ceriated, thoriated, lanthanum and rare earth - are available in 7-in.
A prison inmate brought a civil rights action alleging that prison officials were deliberately indifferent to his health when they allowed him to weld with thoriated tungsten electrodes during the two years he worked as a welder at a prison stainless steel plant.