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Adj.1.thoriated - being or sounding of nervous or suppressed laughter
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Tenders are invited for Tungston Electrode 2 Percent Thoriated 3 Mm Dia X 150 Mm Long As Per Iso6848
5 percent lanthanated, 2 percent thoriated, and rare earth.
The carefully balanced mix of non-radio-toxic dopants in the Tungsten Electrodes is said to produce a ten-times greater performance over standard thoriated products.
Five types of tungsten - pure, ceriated, thoriated, lanthanum and rare earth - are available in 7-in.
A prison inmate brought a civil rights action alleging that prison officials were deliberately indifferent to his health when they allowed him to weld with thoriated tungsten electrodes during the two years he worked as a welder at a prison stainless steel plant.
The Nagra VPA (Vacuum-tube Power Amplifier) are Pure Class A 50- Watt/channel Monoblock Amplifiers based on a pair of directly-heated, thoriated tungsten 845 output triode tubes for each channel.