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Any of various shrubs or bushes having thorns or spines.


another name for thorn2



any of various shrubs or bushes having spines or thorns.
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And she pressed the thorn-bush to her breast, so firmly, that it might be thoroughly warmed, and the thorns went right into her flesh, and her blood flowed in large drops, but the thornbush shot forth fresh green leaves, and there came flowers on it in the cold winter night, the heart of the afflicted mother was so warm; and the thorn-bush told her the way she should go.
Well, do you see the low hill beyond with the thornbush upon it.
Without waiting for breakfast, Rikki-tikki ran to the thornbush where Darzee was singing a song of triumph at the top of his voice.
We had hardly closed the thornbush door of our zareba, clasped each other's hands, and thrown ourselves panting upon the ground beside our spring, when we heard a patter of feet and then a gentle, plaintive crying from outside our entrance.
We were running out of cover, but literally hundreds of kilometers of dense thornbush wilderness lay beyond the bull, and as much as I enjoy watching African trackers work, this was no time to take a questionable shot.
Primarily a creature of deserts and dry thornbush, the collared peccary ranges from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona down through Mexico all the way to northern Argentina.
Once the shortcuts and tradeoffs have been analyzed, the teams admit that the narrow path through the thornbush of downsides is not going to be very pleasant.
Extant species of Notiosorex are found in a wide variety of habitats, in sites described by various collectors as desert scrub, oak-pine forest, yellow pine forest, grassland with oak (Quercas species) chaparral and oak woodland habitats nearby, alkaline marsh, sandy flats, arid grassland with scattered catclaw acacia (Acacia greggii), juniper (Juniperus species), and mesquite (Prosopis species), tropical forest, riparian vegetation, scattered cacti and dense thornbush, abandoned agricultural fields bordered by scattered cacti, thornbush, and mesquite, damp spots under rocky ledges, and semidesert (Carraway and Timm, 2000; Carraway, 2007).
As quoted in the article, Bishop Matthew Clark's 1982 pastoral letter, "The Fire in the Thornbush," gives a powerful tribute by his statement, "Many women have also demonstrated that they have the gift of inspired preaching.
One of my longest shots in Africa was taken by leaning my back into a 2-foot thornbush and resting the .
We had been taking turns climbing up and down its back, and when my chance came I jumped on and the donkey bolted into a nearby thornbush," he reportedly said in the interview.